A Joshua 4 Selah Moment

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Joshua 4 anticipates the need to answer the curiosity of a future generation of children who will ask, “What do these stones mean?” (4:6, 21). Joshua 4 memorializes Israel’s crossing of the Jordan River into the Promised Land with the construction of a 12 stone memorial, one stone for each tribe of the Israelite nation. The stones were taken from the dry riverbed of the Jordan where the priests bearing of the ark of the covenant stood and were...

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A Joshua 3 Selah Moment

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Leadership, direction, (Joshua 3:3-4), assurance (Joshua 3:7), and victory (Joshua 3:9-10) are the key themes in Joshua 3 that are associated with the ark of the covenant. The ark of the covenant was a chest-like object that contained a pot of manna, Aaron’s rod that budded, and the tablets of the Law (Hebrews 9:4-5). The ark was more than an acacia wood chest, with a gold-plated lid, and cherubim placed on top. It was a symbol of the Lord’s...

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A Joshua 2 Selah Moment

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The statement “hearing is believing” is perhaps the biblical counterpart to the common expression “seeing is believing.” This statement, “hearing is believing,” definitely characterized the life of Rahab the harlot in Joshua 2. When she welcomed the spies and provided refuge for them from the King of Jericho’s men, she told them what she heard about their God and what she believed. Rahab never saw the Exodus nor did she ever see the march of...

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A Joshua 1 Selah Moment

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Joshua 1 details a very exciting moment in the history of Israel. After being in Egypt for 430 years (1876-1446 BC) and after wandering in the wilderness for 40 years the nation is positioned to receive the long awaited gift of land. Unfortunately, the gift of land could not be unwrapped and enjoyed without a challenging fight. The land that God promised to Israel was occupied and the residents had to be driven out. Now, although a challenge...

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