Don’t you love it when things work according to a plan? I love it when a plan comes together and a project is completed.

Well, if you were an Israelite in the 1400’s you might have wondered if God’s plan regarding the capture of Jericho was really going to work.

God’s plan to give Jericho to Israel in Joshua 6 was unconventional to say the least.

The plan gave precedence to the Ark of the Lord and to the priests, along with the armed men of Israel. The narrative focus on the Ark of God emphasizes His place as Israel’s Divine Warrior in the defeat of Jericho.

God’s plan also included His word of assurance to Joshua that Jericho would be defeated.

In addition, God’s plan promised to deliver Rahab because she faithfully handled the spies who came to her.

God’s plan for the actual defeat of the city seemed unconventional. Marching around the city a total of thirteen times and shouting instead of shooting were not the orders one might expect to receive.

God’s plan for Jericho also included instructions regarding the spoils of war. Everything in the city, except for Rahab and all who were with her, was under the ban. Everything was to be devoted to the Lord.

According to Joshua 6, Israel submitted to God’s plan and He fulfilled it as He designed it.

Don’t you love it when you submit to God’s plan and you see Him work, you see Him glorified?

Whose plan are you following today?

May God help us to be a unique people who glorify God by submitting to His plan.