What does Student Life look like at a Christian Liberal Arts College focused on the Gospel? – Part 2

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In my last post, I presented a basic definition of the gospel as a foundation for the culture of a college student life. This post attempts to apply the gospel to the rules and regulations of the campus. Now, let’s consider how gospel-centered truth would impact the student life of a Christian liberal arts college. Foremost, I would affirm that every relationship, family unit, people group, society, and or campus needs order. We all need...

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What does Student Life look like at a Christian Liberal Arts College focused on the Gospel? – Part 1

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I am enjoying the rich conversation and the helpful publications about the gospel and gospel centrality taking place today. I am encouraged by the theology of the gospel. At the same time, I am challenged as I consider specific applications of it to my life and my ministry. When I interact with friends or ministry colleagues about the gospel, the challenge intensifies. They want a gospel definition. They want to know how commitment to the...

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Why you should prepare for Gospel work at a Christian Liberal Arts College?

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Do you desire to serve the Lord in some kind of ministry of the Word? Perhaps your interest is youth ministry, or maybe you are contemplating pastoral work and a ministry of teaching and preaching, or maybe you want to serve as a missionary. So where do you go to prepare? How do you prepare? What do you need to be prepared? Why not consider a Christian liberal arts college for your preparation? Let me give you my perspective on the benefit of...

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Christ-Centered Higher Education

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David L. McKenna, a long-time president (33 years) of several universities, has written a very helpful book entitled Christ-Centered Higher Education, Memory, Meaning, and Momentum for the Twenty-First Century. His perspective and resolve are very encouraging. The following are ten questions he believes “must be answered by boards, presidents, deans, and faculty leaders, especially in pivotal times such as strategic planning sessions,...

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Curriculum and Skills

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I love the classroom and the opportunity to interact with students, especially when the interaction includes biblical content and related subjects. Teaching, however, is a weighty responsibility. James 3:1 reenforces this task with the reminder that teachers will be judged more strictly. When I balance love for the classroom with the responsibility of words, I am forced to consider my classroom goals as well as the overall objective of the...

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More on Moralistic Therapeutic Deism

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My post today is a link to a helpful resource on the topic of Moralistic Therapeutic Deism from the Towers, a Southern Seminary Publication edited by Aaron Hanbury, a Clearwater Christian College graduate.  I met Aaron along with several other of our grads at the Together for the Gospel Conference last spring in Louisville.  I am grateful to the Lord for the opportunities He provides to our grads once they pass through the CCC gateway. The...

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