Feed Your World View with A BIG View of God

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The OT Book of Isaiah includes a very strong polemic against the idols of heart that rival worship of the true and living God. Isaiah’s message in the latter half of his prophecy (Isa 44-48) is a preachment of the law that calls for exclusive devotion to the Lord our God (Ex 20:2-6; Dt. 6:4-5). In Isaiah 44 the authoritative message is that idol worship is foolishness. A godless life is bankrupt. The idolatrous graven images constructed...

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Feeding Your Worldview with the Word

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The worldview definition we are working with at Clearwater Christian College is a conceptual framework of reality grounded in God’s true view of things through which Christ followers fulfill their calling in this world. This definition allows us at the College to explore specific ways a biblically informed faith can be applied to the complexities of life. As you know all to well, a biblical worldview is aggressively being challenged in...

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God’s True View of Things – What does He think of Lance Armstrong?

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Despite how we might view ourselves, strong and self-sufficient or weak and dependent, we are finite sinners with all kinds of limitations. If we like to help others, our help is never comprehensive. If we need help our situation is often so overwhelming. Along comes Lance Armstrong with help for those struggling with cancer. He himself is a cancer survivor, an athlete, and a person of resource with treasure to invest in helping people cope for...

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Gospel Hope for Sandy Hook Elementary

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We are grieving the horrific event that resulted in the slaughter of 26 innocent unarmed young people, teachers, and staff at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT. The painful grief of this event is felt so deeply when as we hear the reports of how little ones between the ages of 6 and 7 were shot repeatedly. All we can do is ask that God would abundantly measure out His grace and mercy to the immediate families and the close friends of...

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Addressing Worldview

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“Worldview” is definitely one of popular buzzwords today.  It is not uncommon to hear worldview talk in the news, in the market place, and in classrooms.  As I began working with my Clearwater board members and academic colleagues I sensed a strong desire to do something with a biblical worldview.  The worldview desire found expression in meetings and action steps that yielded a plan to be intentional about worldview at Clearwater....

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