Curriculum and Skills

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I love the classroom and the opportunity to interact with students, especially when the interaction includes biblical content and related subjects. Teaching, however, is a weighty responsibility. James 3:1 reenforces this task with the reminder that teachers will be judged more strictly. When I balance love for the classroom with the responsibility of words, I am forced to consider my classroom goals as well as the overall objective of the...

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More on Moralistic Therapeutic Deism

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My post today is a link to a helpful resource on the topic of Moralistic Therapeutic Deism from the Towers, a Southern Seminary Publication edited by Aaron Hanbury, a Clearwater Christian College graduate.  I met Aaron along with several other of our grads at the Together for the Gospel Conference last spring in Louisville.  I am grateful to the Lord for the opportunities He provides to our grads once they pass through the CCC gateway. The...

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Skills for the Global Neighborhood

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Recently I heard a marketing phrase for Colorado Technical Institute that caught my attention.  The phrase that resonated with me was, “connecting your education to the market place.”  CTI has aptly discerned the buzz of the market as well as the challenge for those of us committed to liberals arts education. How does a liberal arts education equip your for market place survival? In this post, I attempt to identify three skills that...

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Classroom Perspective and Persuasion

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What goes on in a Christian College classroom that is distinct from the public university?  Course content always comes with some perspective and some persuasion.  In this post, I attempt to describe the Christ-centered classroom perspective and persuasion.  Although I take responsibility for what I write, I must acknowledge that I have been significantly helped by the writings of Gene Fant and D. A. Carson.  In addition, my friend and...

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Addressing Worldview

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“Worldview” is definitely one of popular buzzwords today.  It is not uncommon to hear worldview talk in the news, in the market place, and in classrooms.  As I began working with my Clearwater board members and academic colleagues I sensed a strong desire to do something with a biblical worldview.  The worldview desire found expression in meetings and action steps that yielded a plan to be intentional about worldview at Clearwater....

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Thinking Liberal Arts

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Up to this point in my life and ministry I have been involved in Word centered ministries.  I moved from a pastorate to a church based bible institute to a church based seminary to a bible college to a local church pastorate to a liberal arts college.  In my current liberal arts assignment I have had to think deeply about the value and the use of this type of education.  This task was and is complicated by the fact that many question the place...

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