God and Missions

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The Trinity, the gospel, evangelism, discipleship, church planting, and church growth are the core ingredients associated with missionary work in the New Testament.  These are the things that our missionaries highlight in their reports to us and these are the things that indeed glorify the Lord.  So it seems appropriate to ask, “How is God most glorified in the work of missions?” God is most glorified in missions as He works out His...

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The Word-Church Connect

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As I prepare for a weekend of ministry in North Carolina at Colonial Baptist Church, I will have one preaching opportunity that excites me. On a personal level I am looking forward to seeing Colonial and Shepherds Seminary. God has used Stephen Davey to establish and develop the varied ministries of Colonial Baptist. This will also be a special opportunity for me since I spent 14 wonderful years working with Daniel, Stephen’s brother, at...

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The College, The Church, & Missions

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Any Word informed and Holy Spirit motivated burden for a great commission initiative seeks expression.  Despite the desire to just do something, I believe the “something” must be cautiously done with biblical intentionality.  My interest at this point is how a Christian Liberal Arts College should invest in the Great Commission.  Do we recruit students to travel the world to preach, to sing, to pass out tracts, and to hold Bible...

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The Church and the College — Part Two

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This is part two in a short series. The first part can be found by clicking here. The church helps us understand our institutional priorities If we are not competitors with the church then we must find ways to service the church. But HOW? At Clearwater Christian College we will strive after the following. We will continue to pursue excellence in the delivery of our regionally accredited liberal arts education. We will speak the gospel into this...

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The Church and the College — Part One

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Leading a Christian College, University, Graduate School, or Seminary is a challenge amidst the varied uncertainties of our day. It is especially disheartening when academic publications use terms like “tsunami”, “danger”, and “at risk” to describe the perilous nature of the educational landscape.  One wonders how the smaller private Christian colleges that are enrollment driven will surf the coming tsunami...

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A Teachable Moment

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One of the things I enjoy about my role as President of Clearwater Christian College is the opportunity to visit pastors and local churches. This past Sunday morning I traveled with our ministry team to Spring Hill Bible Church, in Spring Hill Florida. The teachable moment of the day was Pastor Gee’s contribution to my message. My message focused on 4 biblical priorities that I believe orient and direct our Christian life: the person of...

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