Joshua 9 recounts the treaty that Joshua made with the Gibeonites during Israel’s march into the Promised Land. It seemed like the right thing to do. After all the Gibeonites presented themselves to Joshua as a people from a far country. They had old sacks on their donkeys. Their wineskins were torn and mended. Their sandals were old and patched. Their bread was moldy.

Since Joshua knew from the Law that people in the land were to be destroyed while people from far countries could be spared, he questioned them about who they were and where they lived. So based upon what he saw, how they responded to his questions, and what he understood the law to teach, he made a covenant with them.

Now despite all this, Joshua and the men of Israel forgot one thing. According to 9:14, they did not ask counsel of the Lord.

I am awed at how this Joshua 9 narrative from the older testament of the Scriptures underscores so pointedly God’s desire to be part of the decision making process. Yes, the Lord wants us to obediently follow His Word, but not apart from a relationship with Him.

Are you making plans? Are you involved in a decision process? Do you know what the Word of God teaches about your situation? Have you sought the Lord for the application of His Word to your situation?

May God help us to handle the Word of God prayerfully and not mechanically.