God and Missions

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The Trinity, the gospel, evangelism, discipleship, church planting, and church growth are the core ingredients associated with missionary work in the New Testament.  These are the things that our missionaries highlight in their reports to us and these are the things that indeed glorify the Lord.  So it seems appropriate to ask, “How is God most glorified in the work of missions?” God is most glorified in missions as He works out His...

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The Word-Church Connect

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As I prepare for a weekend of ministry in North Carolina at Colonial Baptist Church, I will have one preaching opportunity that excites me. On a personal level I am looking forward to seeing Colonial and Shepherds Seminary. God has used Stephen Davey to establish and develop the varied ministries of Colonial Baptist. This will also be a special opportunity for me since I spent 14 wonderful years working with Daniel, Stephen’s brother, at...

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Books for your Library

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This past week I had the joy of being back in the seminary classroom to teach a module at Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary in Lansdale, PA. Dr. Sam Harbin, along with the Calvary Baptist faculty and staff were great hosts to me during this week. My assignment was OT Backgrounds and the history of Israel. The students and I had a delightful time sorting through a host of background matters like chronology, geography, and archaeology. In...

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Gospel Centrality

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Over the past year I have expressed my desire for Clearwater Christian College to be gospel driven, to embrace a strong ecclesiology, and to align with the compass points of Christ, His Word, His grace, and His church. The opportunity related to this wonderful theology is making application of it in the everyday routine of my personal life as well as the operations of the college. I am blessed by many who have written on the topic of gospel...

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Christ-Centered Higher Education

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David L. McKenna, a long-time president (33 years) of several universities, has written a very helpful book entitled Christ-Centered Higher Education, Memory, Meaning, and Momentum for the Twenty-First Century. His perspective and resolve are very encouraging. The following are ten questions he believes “must be answered by boards, presidents, deans, and faculty leaders, especially in pivotal times such as strategic planning sessions,...

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How Not to Moralize the OT Text

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This past week I had the opportunity to present a workshop at the Advancing the Church Conference hosted by Calvary Baptist Seminary in Lansdale, PA. Dr. Harbin and Dr. Jordan did an outstanding job organizing the conference and effectively addressing the topic, “We Believe in Preaching.” Dr. Don Carson was the keynote. As a master teacher, he competently illustrated how to use the OT in the life of the church. In the context of Don...

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