This past week I had the opportunity to present a workshop at the Advancing the Church Conference hosted by Calvary Baptist Seminary in Lansdale, PA. Dr. Harbin and Dr. Jordan did an outstanding job organizing the conference and effectively addressing the topic, “We Believe in Preaching.” Dr. Don Carson was the keynote. As a master teacher, he competently illustrated how to use the OT in the life of the church. In the context of Don Carson preaching so masterly, I took on the workshop task of dealing with moralizing the Old Testament. Scary!

My approach to this topic has evolved and what I am about to summarize is merely a point on a continuum. First, I do approach this subject with a dispensational presupposition. I do recognize a distinction between Israel and the church and I do handle the details of the biblical Text with that in mind. Second, I am committed to discerning the authorial intent of the OT Text by carefully handing textual details. I believe that this process includes an investigation of the text’s historical, linguistic/literary, and theological aspects. Finally, I recognize that the Older Testament has a forward look. On the basis of Luke 24:44-49, John 5:39 and Romans 10:4 I see that the OT it is pointing forward to Christ. The reality that the Older Testament points us to Christ does not create any rest for the interpreter. The “how to” challenge is significant. In subsequent posts I will give some illustrations of my “how to.”

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