My post today is a link to a helpful resource on the topic of Moralistic Therapeutic Deism from the Towers, a Southern Seminary Publication edited by Aaron Hanbury, a Clearwater Christian College graduate.  I met Aaron along with several other of our grads at the Together for the Gospel Conference last spring in Louisville.  I am grateful to the Lord for the opportunities He provides to our grads once they pass through the CCC gateway.

The article I am suggesting you read is entitled, “I Want My MTD” written by Steve Watters.  After summarizing the key tenets of MTD Steve prepared a very helpful information graphic based upon the work of Associate Professor Timothy Paul Jones that documents a Gospel Centered, Christ centered response to MTD.  The solution to MTD involves moving from Moralism to Christ-centeredness, from a therapeutic goal to a teleiotic goal, and from deism to theism. I trust that you will be encouraged with the power and the clarity of the Gospel in response to a prevalent mindset among today’s teens.