I love the classroom and the opportunity to interact with students, especially when the interaction includes biblical content and related subjects. Teaching, however, is a weighty responsibility. James 3:1 reenforces this task with the reminder that teachers will be judged more strictly. When I balance love for the classroom with the responsibility of words, I am forced to consider my classroom goals as well as the overall objective of the curriculum.

The following list includes goals that guide me at both the classroom and the curriculum level. When I complied this list, my teaching and administrative assignment was in the context of a curriculum that was primarily biblical studies. At Clearwater my context now includes the liberal arts and pre-professional degrees. Over the past year I have tested and tweaked these goals for the Christian Liberal Arts. I am encouraged to consider their function and application in a broader educational situation. To most educators, these are not new. Despite this, I do hope you will enjoy the focus of them.

1. Word Skills – The curriculum must emphasize enough biblical content and hermeneutical method so that the student will be able to understand and explain the biblical story line.

2. People Skills – The curriculum must emphasize enough biblical counseling and discipleship so that a student can work graciously and effectively with people from all generations and nationalities both in the market place and the church.

3. Character and Affections – The curriculum must not only impart content but it must appeal to the affections of the student. Truth must be applied, beauty must be appreciated, and sound doctrine must be the basis for godliness.

4. Critical Thinking, Cultural Discernment, Biblical Worldview – The curriculum must help the student develop a biblical worldview, the ability to think critically and determine what to embrace or reject in today’s culture.

5. Communication – The curriculum must equip the student to proclaim and defend the gospel, and to speak accurately about the glory of God.

6. Goal – The goal of the curriculum is to present to the church and the marketplace students who understand and embody Great Commission living.