We are grieving the horrific event that resulted in the slaughter of 26 innocent unarmed young people, teachers, and staff at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT. The painful grief of this event is felt so deeply when as we hear the reports of how little ones between the ages of 6 and 7 were shot repeatedly. All we can do is ask that God would abundantly measure out His grace and mercy to the immediate families and the close friends of the children and the adults who were murdered.

As I pondered this event I thought how can this happen? I was reminded that it was attempted in Exodus 1 in connection with the birth of Moses. I remembered it was accomplished by Herod in connection with the birth of Christ (Matt 2:16). I also recalled that it was not uncommon to read about child sacrifice in the ancient world (2 Kings 17:31). And, it happens routinely in our day in connection with various abortion procedures.

The massacre of these innocent children in Connecticut as well as the legitimized death of children in connection with abortion reveals how desperately wicked we are. The darkness of these events cannot be overcome with more laws or with more locks. This darkness can only be overcome with the light of and the transforming power of the gospel. In the midst of such a significant tragedy we turn to the Lord Jesus Christ who paid the debt of sin associated with wicked acts of this caliber. We turn to Him as Savior and Redeemer. We turn to Him as Rock and Refuge. We turn to Him as the Just One who will judge all sin and unrighteousness.

May God give us the persevering grace to pray for the families and friends of all those killed in the Sandy Hook massacre. And, may God gives us great hope in the power of the gospel and the righteousness of His coming reign.