The worldview definition we are working with at Clearwater Christian College is a conceptual framework of reality grounded in God’s true view of things through which Christ followers fulfill their calling in this world. This definition allows us at the College to explore specific ways a biblically informed faith can be applied to the complexities of life. As you know all to well, a biblical worldview is aggressively being challenged in today’s world at every level. What we once thought about marriage, life and death, right and wrong in politics, business, medicine, athletics, etc., is no longer the norm.

So how does one apply a biblically informed faith to life in the cubicles of business, in the laboratories of science, in the classrooms of school, on the fields of play, or in the comfort zone of our homes? For this blog post, let me begin by saying that we need to feed our worldview with the wholesome integrity of the Word of God. A biblically faithful worldview must begin with an acceptance of an authority that will feed it and that will provide it a sustainable foundation. That authority is the Word of God.

Those of you who would take the time to read this post are most likely sympathetic to what I am writing. Our commitment to the Word is driven by texts like 2 Timothy 3:16 and 2 Peter 1:19-21. Our determination to proclaim the Word is fueled by passages like Matthew 28:19-20; 2 Timothy 2:15 and 4:2. The nature of the Word and its related effectiveness to address the full scope of life is what grounds us in our worldview.

So, the simple take away of this post is feed your worldview with the Word. Sounds simple, sounds orthodox, and sounds all too obvious. However, the hard work, as you know includes content mastery, contextual understanding, and faithful application of biblical details to the brokenness of life.