This is part two in a short series. The first part can be found by clicking here.

The church helps us understand our institutional priorities

If we are not competitors with the church then we must find ways to service the church. But HOW? At Clearwater Christian College we will strive after the following.

We will continue to pursue excellence in the delivery of our regionally accredited liberal arts education.

We will speak the gospel into this liberal arts education so it is shaped with God’s true view of things.

As we speak the gospel into the arts and sciences we will uphold a strong ecclesiology by means of teaching and preaching that the church is a vital part of God’s plan for us; it is His true reality forus. We will continually remind faculty, staff, and students that the Church an important community of relationships for us.

Yes, we are a non-denominational ministry founded to serve the larger body of Christ. How a church is controlled, how ministry preferences and doctrinal particulars are defined are important matters settled at the local level under the leadership of faithful men who teach the Word of God.

The church helps us frame our student life focus

We will disciple with a local church mindset. We will teach, preach, and support a full-cycle of discipleship that includes local church involvement. We will not let our student life compete with church life. We will not discount church life andaccountability in the discipline process. We will speak positively to our students about the place, the priority, and the leadership of the local church.

The church helps us determine our educational goals

We will humbly employ our academic and student life resources to serve the church however we can.

We will do our best to show the church want wehave learned in business, education, science, and the arts about the beauty and glory of Christ and the divine design in the created order.

We will do our best to help the church speak to the anti-Christ issues and the ethos of business, education, science and the arts.

We will do our best to help the church understand the mindset, the cultural priorities, and the prevailing philosophies of all people groups for the sake of bold gospel advance and healthy church developments.

We will do our best to present the church withyoung men and young women who have a healthy view of the gospel, a passion for Christ, and a desire to serve His people, the church.

We will serve the church intentionally and aggressively through our Christian Worldview/ Biblical Life View Center. This center will be a physical presence on our campus and serve as the hub that will facilitate gospel driven educational priorities.

It will facilitate a gospel driven biblical education designed to speak about God’s true view of things in all our educational majors to our students.

It will support a gospel driven faculty who will be encouraged and resourced to write and research about God’s true view of things in their educational major.

It will facilitate a gospel driven ministry to the church through teaching, curriculum development, and ministry partnerships that will help address the world view perspectives of our day.

It will facilitate a gospel driven great commission initiative in connection with the church. We will use our educational tools to prepare students with recognized credentials. We will prepare students to function in the global neighborhood with a biblically informed view of life, people, ministry, and the created order. We will expose models for bi-vocational ministry/missions and where possible create the opportunities and the pathways to business, education, science, and ministry.

We will teach our classes with a missional focus. Life in the cubical, in the classroom, or in the laboratory is ultimately about moving forward with great commission passion for a strong and healthy church. Business, education, science, and ministry has one ultimate intentionality–the glory of God revealed in the church.

The church gives us our grit and zest to do Christian Liberal Arts Education

Clearwater Christian College’s grit and zest is nurtured by an understanding of what God is doing for His glory at this time in His plan. Understanding what Christ is doing gives us the grit and zest to use our educational tool, our educational product for the glory of Christ and the strength and health of His church. Our pride is properly crushed and mortified from this perspective. Our souls are energized to come along side the bride and to serve it till we die. In a day and age when all the educational chatter is about partnerships, CCC will partner with the Church.