If you were to read Philippians 2:1-11 along with this study my goal would be to encourage you to embrace the exalted character of our God. I want to encourage you to confess with a hearty AMEN that Jesus Christ is Lord.

In the quietness of this moment I want to invite you to appeal to the Lord, as did Moses in Exodus 33:18, show me your glory. What was Moses asking? What are we asking when we blend our voice with Moses and desire to see the glory of God?

Are we ready for the outcomes of this request? What should we expect when we want to see the glory of God and when we want to confess that Jesus Christ is Lord? The best I can tell from the few biblical episodes of God revealing His glory to His children, everyone was conquered by His glory.

Is not this the essence of Philippians 2—Let every knee bow; let every tongue confess? You see, God conquers His servants with His glory and with His mercy. When God called Moses into a leadership role (Exodus 3) He impressed him with His uncompromising holiness in the burning bush encounter. At that moment Moses was afraid and unable to look into the face of God (3:6). But then God assured Moses of His mercy and promise by answering the cry of Israel for deliverance from their miserable situation of Egyptian bondage.

When God commissioned Joshua to conquer the land of Canaan, the glorious Captain of the Lord’s host appeared to him with sword in hand (Joshua 5:13-15). At that moment Joshua fell face forward to the ground in reverence (Joshua 5:14). But then God outfitted Joshua to lead the nation in conquest of the Promised Land.

When God solidified David as King of Israel, He revealed His holiness with the death of Uzzah for his irreverent handling of the Ark of the Covenant (2 Samuel 6). At that moment David was angry at the wrath of God and then afraid of the Lord (2 Sam 6:8-9). But then God showed mercy to David and His people through blessing and words of promise regarding the installation of a King and the establishment of a sure kingdom.

When God called Paul on the Damascus Road He blinded him with a flash of light (Acts 9). He then saved him and commissioned him to declare the Gospel message. When God revealed the course of end time events to the apostle John, he fell as one who was dead (Rev 1:17).

The essence of these past moments in biblical history is not all that different from this moment in our history. Yes, the means are vastly different. There are no visions, burning bushes, or flashes of light. God is showing us His glory in this moment of time by means of His Word made clear to us by means of His Spirit.

How will you respond to the Lord showing you His glory? May God open our eyes to see the darkness of our pride, our divisiveness, our selfish ambition, and our vain conceit? May God move our hearts to pray Lord, show me your glory; Lord, conquer me with your glory and your mercy by means of the Scripture made clear and understandable to me by means of your Spirit.

Then, may God open our eyes to see the light of His exalted character and to know the hope to which He has called us. Then, as never before, may God satisfy each one of us with His grace and mercy so that we would confess—Exalted Christ, your Grace is all I need!