The wise men who came from the east asked King Herod, “Where is He born King of the Jews? We have seen His star and we have come to worship Him” (Matt 2:2). I invite you along with the wise men of old to come, “O come let us adore Him, Christ the Lord.”

What is it about Christ that is so beautiful, that is so worth adoring? What was it about Christ, the Lord that stirred the affections of Mary in her Luke 1 hymn of praise? What caused her heart to grow with affection for the Lord so much so that she wanted to exalt Him? What did she see? What did she understand?

She rejoiced in the Lord because He was indeed her Savior (Luke 1:45). She adored the Lord because the God of heaven and earth looked with care upon her and then did something about her lowly estate (Luke 1:48). She treasured the Lord because of all the great things He did not only for her, but for the nation of Israel, and ultimately for the world (Luke 1:49). She paid tribute to the Lord because He is so holy. (Luke 1:49). She praised the Lord because of His unfailing mercy (Luke 1:50). She admired the Lord because He is so strong (Luke 1:51). She worshiped the Lord because He acts with justice toward the proud and the lowly (Luke 1:51-52). She loved the Lord because of His care and because of His help (Luke 1:53-54).

O come and stir up your affections for the Lord. O come and see that the babe in the manger is indeed Christ the Lord, King of Kings. O come let us adore Him.