Do you think we take the Lord and His Word as seriously as we should?

Do you find yourself living with a yeah . . . but mindset? Yeah, I know what the Word of God says, or yeah I know what the Lord wants, but I am sure that it won’t apply to me.

If this is you in manner of life or mindset, then consider the Joshua 5 narrative.

The Joshua 5 passage affirms the commitment of God to His words of promise as well as His commitment to His words of judgment.

For example, the instructions to circumcise the generation of Israelites born during the wilderness wanderings is a reminder that this generation replaced those who died in the wilderness for not believing the Word of God (5:2-9).

Because of their unbelief, God declared that they would not enter the Promised Land.

God kept His Word.

According to Joshua 5:10-12 God kept His Word of promise regarding wilderness travel and land inheritance.

Once in the land, Israel celebrated the Passover, the manna ceased, and they eat the bounty of the land.

God kept His Word.

Finally, Joshua 5 ends with an affirmation of the holiness of God in verses 13-15.

The Commander of the Lord’s Army made a glorious appearance with sword in hand to Joshua.

Without saying much, the Commander declared to Joshua the holiness associated with His presence.

God keeps His Word because He is holy.

There is no greater gift that a Father or mother can give their family, a husband or wife can give their spouse, or an individual believer can give their circle of family and friends than a life that models an unshakeable belief that the Holy God of Heaven and Earth keeps His Word.